This is a 5-speed transmission found in the MarkIII Supra, Toyota Crown, Toyota Chaser Tourer V, Toyota MarkII Tourer V, Toyota Cresta Tourer V, and Toyota Soarer (turbo) up to 2004.

This transmission fits the Toyota Soarer, Lexus SC300 / SC400 and other various compatible vehicles.
Ratios -
1st- 3.251:1
2nd- 1.955:1
3rd- 1.310:1
4th- 1:1
5th-. 753:1
This is a fully rebuilt R154 transmission with all new FACTORY bearings, syncros, seals and gaskets.
The Transmission comes with a 1JZ bell housing and a cable style speedometer sending unit. The bell housing does not come with dust covers.

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